We Are Finally Down in South Carolina

The boss called us in from the field last week and told us that we were going to get started on a really huge project, but that it was four hundred miles away in North Charleston SC. There was not much choice for me, but he told some of the other guys that they could go and look for a different job when they barked about it. I started to look for apartments for rent in North Charleston SC the next morning and I found one that was about three quarters of a mile from the site of the job. That is not as close as it seems though, because there is a river in between and it takes about six or seven minutes to drive there. The place is pretty nice, although it is a little bit on the pricey side of what I was looking for. The location beat out the other stuff though and of course I figured out that I was going to let the other guys live there too, but for my own reasons.

That is pretty obvious. If you split the cost of a two bedroom apartments the cost to you is not halved, but it is only about sixty percent as much as staying in a place on your own. If you get three guys and a three bedroom place, then when you split that pie three ways your cost is only going to be about two fifths as a place on your own would be. I am not so sure that I want to live in the same place as these guys for a whole year, but I definitely want to pay as little as it is possible to pay. I am sure we shall all get on each other’s nerves pretty soon.

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